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Multilingual handler

Since Wiiero 1.2, the project includes a language handler.

Wiiero translation files are stored into the "lang" directory. To traduce Wiiero you have to replace english labels in the template file (Template.txt) by your translated labels and rename your new file <lang>.wtf ("wtf" stands for "Wiiero Translation File"). For exemple "francais.wtf" for french translation. Put it into the wiiero "lang" directory and it will be appear into the language list (go to the second page of wiiero option). If everything is fine feel free to send me your file, it will be added in the download part of this website and added into the next wiiero release. French, Italian, Hogorian and Spanish translation will be added yet but feel free to send me new translation files !
French - author: BScrk
Italian - author: CrazyGoofy77
Hogorian - author: Tusk
Spanish - author: Hiei
English - author: BScrk / Flark

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Dernière modification le : 24/10/2009 @ 01:55
Catégorie : Tech


Wiiero, a Liero clone for Wii.

Download now !
Wiiero v1.3 (2009-10-30)
Full Homebrew Channel Support
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser

Developement : BScrk
Design : BScrk
Beta testers : Kyfran / Pedro
Xtra weapons : BScrk / Kyfran
Sound Track : Binaerpilot

Wiiero is under GPL licence.GNU General Public License






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Wiiero, liero on your Wii !